so long twitter

Jan. 14, 2009

last night, while sitting on the couch with my wife. we had a brief discussion on the instant, constant, and far too imediate communication that comes with a service like twitter. so i absolve, so long world of twitter. today i deleted my account entirely. micro blogging is too much. i enjoyed getting to know people, real people. not pretending to be associated with a cluster of people, just to say that i’m a part of the pulse of the world. this lonely blog gives me more than ample outlet to voice myself. and much more realistic pulse of connection to the heartbeat of the world.


Update: April 2009

i would almost delete this post completely, since i have resended my decision on twitter and re-activated my vbatts account, except for i am not going to deny that i did at one point delete my twitter account.  i have heard enough of the various news and current event sources that i listen to, announce that they to have a twitter account.  it is like an interactive news feed.  further, i have official heard of some good that twitter served.  with the recent policy changes, the twitter-verse started chatting up a storm to the extent that corporate executives and publisher advocacy groups took notice and began making imediate corrections to the tag filtering, within 48 hours of implementing the new change.

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