Sep. 27, 2008

due to my cheapness in many respects, i have stuck with for years. as many people could deduce, it is a freely availble deal through being so, many people can register whatever they want.

lately there were a sweep of Russian hackers and phishers doing mis-deeds. this has pretty well jammed up many things for my site (i.e., search engines dropping me, email servers bouncing me, and even my own firefox warns me against visiting my site šŸ˜‰


officially, iā€™m rebranded as

i set up a mod_rewrite web forward to allow the search engines to re-index

after a while of that, i will remove all ties that i have to, in the meanwhile i will be attempting to update anything that links, to instead point it to {blog,webmail,music,ftp,www}

thanks all!