kde-4.0.66 co-existing on Slack-12.0

Mar. 20, 2008

while this isn’t much of a “blog” post, as it is just to say, that i’ve just finished compiling the pre-kde-4.1, kde-4.0.66 and qt-4.4.0-beta1 on slackware-12.0

it is still as sexy looking, but there have been a number of little tweaks, some subtle enough that i’m not even noticing them, except for that the desktop is smoother for everyday usage. BUT the primary fix i see, was my biggest errg with 4.0.0, and that is ‘panel settings’. that huge panel was no good, and i needed to change it, now i can 😉

if you want to compile it yourself, you can get the build scripts that i’ve hacked on http://hashbangbash.com/pub/src/Slackbuilds/kde4/

i got the QT source from Trolltech, at http://trolltech.com/developer/downloads/qt/qt44-preview-download

and the KDE source you can find at may different mirrors, i got mine from http://mirror.facebook.com/kde/unstable/4.0.66/

Screenshot 😉