Jan. 29, 2008

life is full of external influences, some aren’t so helpful, but many of them you can be thankful for on a continous basis.

there are many things going on in our lives right now, so much that it doesn’t always feel like we get as much does as we do, until we looking back on it. sometimes just to sit and close your eyes and let the days and times unwind in your mind is essential. decisions seem to be more hastilly made when not fully contemplated, with respect to the rest of your life that is currrently revolving around as well.

landscapes run, tumble, and soar. painting the world around which we live, breath and exist. you are the salt that colors and flavors existence. reaching, and making preparations to have momentary relvations of clarity that give the needed assusrance that there is something that you are doing all of this for. the clarity that is neither sad, funny, happy or excited, but is all of them the same.