Personal Experiences

Oct. 21, 2007

Last weekend, my wife and took the nice occasion to have a babysitter come, so that we could have a date night. This was dually special, not only for a little alone time, but also because the movie Across the Universe had just been released. For the record, regardless of the stupid reviews, this movie is super.

The story is entirely nice and simple, believable, and real. Also this movie is a musical, as well it should be.

It is a perfect synthesis and application of energy in the Beatles songs that soundtrack it. Almost as if the egg came before the chicken, they made the music of the soundtrack, long before it was utilized this way.

i walked away from the theatre not necessarily thinking of what a great story, but about all the moments i can remember those songs settling with me, in my life. To exadurate  this point further, as we were walking out of the theatre, there was a group of high school kids that had exited the same movie with us, and they essentially bickering over who was the bigger Beatles fan. On first hear, i thought they sounded trivial and stupid, but after letting their emotions run in me for a second, it made me appreciate the Beatles that much more. My Parents have had, and still have experiences with the same music that i have made memories with, and so on.

there were three separate instances in the movie when i cried or teared up,

1st was primarily for sadness and partially for beauty (when the young black boy was obviously killed and the church choir was singing)

2nd was for beauty (when they were laying in the star formation singing “Because the sky is high”)

3rd was for love ( the rooftop concert reunion)

this has been a movie worth it to go to the theatre to see and one that i intend on purchasing the DVD to have in my collection.