kde4 on slack12

Oct. 13, 2007

i’ve just taken it on as a goal and project to get a working compile of the KDE4 trunk since it’s release is coming up on the 18th and it hasn’t been branched out yet. and what better than to try it on a slackware install that i’m not use to.

so far there have been a few things interesting about it, since i can’t just install some *-devel or *-dev packages to satisfy the header dependencies needed. But good thing is that slack is still a very from source distro, prepared for compiling, so many of the needed libraries and headers are already there.

primarily i’m building it on a slack box for a couple of different reasons.

  1. i don’t want to mess with my personal or work laptop and there environments.

  2. i have a system installed and running a standard Slackware 12.0 install, that isn’t being used for anything right now.

  3. they didn’t have the howto’s reference on the kde4 build tutorial, that calls to a challenge in me

  4. i feel that, if i get it done in a timely manner, providing my howto and documentation could contribute back to the community.

i will add more blog posts here, and any needed files will go to http://hashbangbash.com/downloads/kde4/