Hidy Ho goodneighbors,

A slacker by any other name, would still smell of the same sweet slack.

University degree in Accounting with a minor in International Business, from UAB.

Currently, I am

  • A Core developer of Slackware Linux
  • a software engineer with Red Hat on OpenShift related technologies


  • Akamai Technologies. (p.s. Linux servers make the tubes of the interwebs moving quickly )
  • McKesson HEV (formerly Awarix ) as a Senior Software Implementation Engineer. Deploying enterprise health care software, on Linux servers across the US and around the world.
  • Compass Bank in the Online Banking dept.

On irc, usually irc.freenode.org, I’m vbatts. Say Hello. :-)

Nerdy side note i’m registered linux user number 422,901 @ http://counter.li.org/