CategoryProjects 3.1.0 on Dell Mini 9 with Ubuntu 8.04.1

So I have *finally* received the 9 inch Dell mini that I had ordered over a month ago. The device pre-installed with Ubuntu was much more preferable, even though the release is a couple of versions old now.

Everything is great so far, but the first thing that i had to do was update the version of being used. Its not so much that I have any problems with version 2.4, but rather everything else I am using is version 3.0 or 3.1.  I have seen several issues when opening and transferring an *.odt between varying versions of openoffice.  Its never fun to lose or mess up formating.

Luckily for me, there were only a couple of dependencies that had to be resolved and the packages I lost, didn’t really impact me.

First off, I had to add the project that maintains the lastest OOo for Ubuntu. Either through the GUI or to /etc/apt/sources.list, add

deb hardy main

and then wget their key and import it. I panzied out and used the GUI to import it.

you next apt-get update, and should remove the following to packages, and all their dependencies.

aptitude remove

at which point, you are clear to do an

aptitude dist-upgrade

all done!

take care,


jre and jdk version 1.5 for slackware-12.2 (and -current for that matter)

due to my current line of work, i am not able to completely migrate to the latest stable java, version 6, that ships with slackware-12.2 and slackware-current.
i have taken a snapshot of the last slackware build scripts, for java 1.5 and have kept them updated for the latest jre and jdk updates.
you can find them here for the jdk and the jre

currently it is on 1.5.0 update 17, but this is an svn directory, so it may bump versions at a later date.



kde-4.1.96 for slackware-current

again, for those who are on slackware-current, and are taking part of the kde4 packages in /testing. i’ve posted the latest build of kde-4.2rc1 (4.1.96)

these pacakges are on cardinal (

you should upgradepkg to the latest version’ed pacakges in the deps/ directory as well.

enjoy !

google-gadgets update

a few posts ago i showed how to convert the SuSE *.rpm’s from the google-gadgets-for-linux project, into slackware packages.
well for a couple of their releases now, i’ve been maintaining a Slackware build script. you can browse it on my viewcvs or check it out on subversion

svn co svn://

have fun !

Twitter, from CLI !!

so i have been using the vim plugin, to send updates from a vim session, be it from command line or from gvim.
but it doesn’t have the capability to view friends timeline or replies. SO, tonight i got to playing with it, and published on [SVN] and [HTTP]. you’ll need to update the USER_PASS variable, and possibly the *SOURCE variable for the Updates command. you can get the RSS URL for you friend timeline from the bottom of your twitter home page.
further, this script uses lynx and xmlstarlet. ( lynx is standard in slackware and xmlstarlet is available on


new code browser

as a few of you may have seen, a couple of svn repositories have been served up here on for a while.

most notably ‘/pub/src/’ since its where the SlackBuilds and kde projects are kept.

WELL, there is now to more easily browse and review these repos. it will default to /pub/src/, but the others can be chosen from the menu if the upper right side.



due to my cheapness in many respects, i have stuck with for years. as many people could deduce, it is a freely availble deal through being so, many people can register whatever they want.
lately there were a sweep of Russian hackers and phishers doing mis-deeds. this has pretty well jammed up many things for my site (i.e., search engines dropping me, email servers bouncing me, and even my own firefox warns me against visiting my site 😉
officially, i’m rebranded as
i set up a mod_rewrite web forward to allow the search engines to re-index
after a while of that, i will remove all ties that i have to, in the meanwhile i will be attempting to update anything that links, to instead point it to {blog,webmail,music,ftp,www}

thanks all!

thank you Randy Pausch!

i recently watched a lecture of Randy Pausch, his last lecture, and followed up by looking into the Alice Project that he was a major part of. after a bit of playing with it, i have put together packaging scripts for slackware for it, Available here, and you can just download the slackpkg of it here. (notice alice is dependent on jre-1.5, which i have available for download as well)

cheers, and i’m glad there are great people out there in the world

KDE4 RC1 on slackware-12.1 / -current (4.0.98)

a quick thump that is now hosting the SlackBuild source for kde4-4.0.98

the slack packages are hosted on

the screen shots are a default view, and then my desktop.kde-4098.pngvbatts_desktop.pngvbatts_desktop1.png


kde4 beta 2 -ish

i have been quite out of the loop lately, but i’m trying to catch up to the current life. Robby Workman is staying good about maintaining kde4 for what is slackware-12.1,, but again, this installation conflicts with any current kde3/qt3 packages. so i have been maintaining a slight variation of rlworkman’s source’s that will enable con-current installation.

if you would like the source i have been working on, you can check it out using subversion or http browsing it,

in preparation for the upcoming KDE-4.1 RC1, currently scheduled for July 15th, i have gotten back on track (at least for a moment) and have gotten my source up to kde-4.0.84, it will be available as the packages are built.

please feel free to post feedback or improvemnts.