Good Times

This year has been a nice for socializing with nerds. Attending conferences is something that can get tiresome, if the content is something you do not find interesting or stimulating. Thankfully, I have no required conferences, so I can be choosy (schedules permitting). Naturally open source and languages would top the list of places to attend.

First off, was hanging out with the KDE folks in San Francisco, CA for CampKDE – April 4,5 2011. There were a number of good talks, and a great opportunity to shake the hands of names that I have seen around, as well as meeting many new folks. The kde-promo team has a YouTube channel, that they have published all the talks and interviews to.
The talk I gave there is titled “Slackware: Quickly and Easily Manage Your KDE SC Hacking.” You can get the slides in [PDF] or [ODP], plus the videos posted on the kde-promo channel have the full talk (, as well as an interview afterwards by Wade Olson (

Next, was down to Spartanburg, SC for the SouthEast Linux Fest (SELF) – June 10-12, 2011.
This is the third year that I have attended SELF, and second time to speak, but what differentiated this year from any other speaking engagement (in the past, or distant future), was that it was a talk title “Slackware Demystified”, and none other than the founder of Slackware Linux, Patrick Volkerding was not only in attendance, but sitting on the front row! The slides from this presentation are available in [HTML] or [PDF]. Unfortunately, the videos have not been published yet. Hopefully they will actually get them published, unlike the previous two years…

Lastly … so far, was a local conference, that I did not speak at, only attended. JrubyConf – August 3-5, 2011. While I use MRI Ruby much more than JRuby, this conference was a great way to be around and hear from many brilliant folks (Like Wayne Seguin, Charles Nutter (headius), Nick Sieger, and Jim Weirich, to name a few), plus I felt that I needed to make up for missing out on RubyConf taking place in Baltimore, MD.

The KDE folks strongly encouraged making it to the DesktopSummit, which was hosted in Berling, Germany this year. While it was surely appetising to think of attending, it did not work out this time. It would have been nice to shake hands with some fellow contributors, like Eric Hameleers (alienBob). Better luck next year.

All good times, I look forward to next year, or event the rest of 2011.

Feel free to leave feedback on the talks.

Take care,

Candle in the Darkness

A simple candle-flame meditation:

Light a candle in a darkened room.
Move about two feet away from it and sit down, facing the candle flame.
Get comfortable.
Then begin breathing in and out quietly through your nostrils.
Let your body relax. Let your breath relax.
Just concentrate on the candle flame.
Watch it for several minutes.
Don’t think about anything in particular. Let your thoughts go; let them settle.
Watch the flame. Let your mind go into it.
Suddenly blow out the candle and close your eyes.
See the image that forms on the inside of your eyelids.
Meditate on that light.

Nice clip brought in the book Awakening to the Sacred – Lama Surya Das

kde-4.3.2 and koffice-2.0.83, for slackware{,64}-current

sorry for the short post, but see

so long twitter

last night, while sitting on the couch with my wife. we had a brief discussion on the instant, constant, and far too imediate communication that comes with a service like twitter. so i absolve, so long world of twitter. today i deleted my account entirely. micro blogging is too much. i enjoyed getting to know people, real people. not pretending to be associated with a cluster of people, just to say that i’m a part of the pulse of the world. this lonely blog gives me more than ample outlet to voice myself. and much more realistic pulse of connection to the heartbeat of the world.


Update: April 2009

i would almost delete this post completely, since i have resended my decision on twitter and re-activated my vbatts account, except for i am not going to deny that i did at one point delete my twitter account.  i have heard enough of the various news and current event sources that i listen to, announce that they to have a twitter account.  it is like an interactive news feed.  further, i have official heard of some good that twitter served.  with the recent policy changes, the twitter-verse started chatting up a storm to the extent that corporate executives and publisher advocacy groups took notice and began making imediate corrections to the tag filtering, within 48 hours of implementing the new change.

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New Old Stuff

I’ve found several old ideas that i had jotted down, from years past. figure as much to post them here periodically, maybe someone will enjoy stumbling upon them. so the first in these thoughts:


Who do you think you are?
your feeling of entitlement to your thoughts and ideas because you realize you exist.
the moment you breath and realize it.
you are burned and feel it, stop and think about it, what exactly are you feeling, and why does this vessel make you feel it like that.

yes, you are looking around you, and see and hear and smell.


due to my cheapness in many respects, i have stuck with for years. as many people could deduce, it is a freely availble deal through being so, many people can register whatever they want.
lately there were a sweep of Russian hackers and phishers doing mis-deeds. this has pretty well jammed up many things for my site (i.e., search engines dropping me, email servers bouncing me, and even my own firefox warns me against visiting my site 😉
officially, i’m rebranded as
i set up a mod_rewrite web forward to allow the search engines to re-index
after a while of that, i will remove all ties that i have to, in the meanwhile i will be attempting to update anything that links, to instead point it to {blog,webmail,music,ftp,www}

thanks all!

thank you Randy Pausch!

i recently watched a lecture of Randy Pausch, his last lecture, and followed up by looking into the Alice Project that he was a major part of. after a bit of playing with it, i have put together packaging scripts for slackware for it, Available here, and you can just download the slackpkg of it here. (notice alice is dependent on jre-1.5, which i have available for download as well)

cheers, and i’m glad there are great people out there in the world


while searching for something else, i stumbled upon Litte People
an artist’s blog, i enjoyed it immensely.


motion moving,
everything is streaming, flowing
it itching to find its natural pattern.
the rhythym that life intended it to take.
refuge to the mountains, they know.
they’ve been there,

its the same on the inside that its is on the outside,
just the noise in between the two,
will distract you enough to believe that that is all there is

Fun new stuff

significantly helping to post entries here more often, or easier, i’ve stumbled upon an app called blokkal, and is super. while it is entirely simple, it does everything for posting, reviewing, retreiving, modifying and/or deleting entries, that you would need for a blogging client to do. the only snag that i had, was solved relatively quickly by the designer Martin Muller. that is, if you use wordpress, you may need to check a box about a date time work around.
i overlooked this, and all of the posts were thirty years in the past, while interesting, it was frustrating me.

also, because work has been re-arranging, it has required an increasing level of windows usage. so i have been working with VirtualBox, its virtualization software with an open source edition. this has proven to be quite good for virtualzing, even though its not as stabile or point and click as VMWare is.
it running a WindowsXP guest on top of an openSuSE 10.3 host.
the two most difficult tasks with it have been, to configure a bridged interface, which is not terrible, just remember that suse has its’ default firewall configurations that interfere greatly. secondly, the physical host has an dual Intel Xeon processor, and the kernel is the bigsmp. Appearantly the are a few known issues with VirtualBox surrounding the tickless kernel and potentially smp functionality. I’ve added nohz=off to the boot line parameters and its seemed to alleviate the virtual guest from freezing on a regular basis, but we’re still watching the machine to test it more, before we use this guest as a “Production” box.
also, in that same thread, we are doing more with their Active Directory, for email and various services. so i have been able to experiment with various linux services that use or work against an LDAP/AD system, with significant progress. Much of which i will try to post, once i’ve ironned it out and sanitized it 😉