kde-4.3.1 x86_64, for slackware-current

i realize i just posted 4.3.0, but now 4.3.1 is tagged.

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vb 3.1.0 on Dell Mini 9 with Ubuntu 8.04.1

So I have *finally* received the 9 inch Dell mini that I had ordered over a month ago. The device pre-installed with Ubuntu was much more preferable, even though the release is a couple of versions old now.

Everything is great so far, but the first thing that i had to do was update the version of being used. Its not so much that I have any problems with version 2.4, but rather everything else I am using is version 3.0 or 3.1.  I have seen several issues when opening and transferring an *.odt between varying versions of openoffice.  Its never fun to lose or mess up formating.

Luckily for me, there were only a couple of dependencies that had to be resolved and the packages I lost, didn’t really impact me.

First off, I had to add the project that maintains the lastest OOo for Ubuntu. Either through the GUI or to /etc/apt/sources.list, add

deb hardy main

and then wget their key and import it. I panzied out and used the GUI to import it.

you next apt-get update, and should remove the following to packages, and all their dependencies.

aptitude remove

at which point, you are clear to do an

aptitude dist-upgrade

all done!

take care,


kde-4.1.96 for slackware-current

again, for those who are on slackware-current, and are taking part of the kde4 packages in /testing. i’ve posted the latest build of kde-4.2rc1 (4.1.96)

these pacakges are on cardinal (

you should upgradepkg to the latest version’ed pacakges in the deps/ directory as well.

enjoy !

so long twitter

last night, while sitting on the couch with my wife. we had a brief discussion on the instant, constant, and far too imediate communication that comes with a service like twitter. so i absolve, so long world of twitter. today i deleted my account entirely. micro blogging is too much. i enjoyed getting to know people, real people. not pretending to be associated with a cluster of people, just to say that i’m a part of the pulse of the world. this lonely blog gives me more than ample outlet to voice myself. and much more realistic pulse of connection to the heartbeat of the world.


Update: April 2009

i would almost delete this post completely, since i have resended my decision on twitter and re-activated my vbatts account, except for i am not going to deny that i did at one point delete my twitter account.  i have heard enough of the various news and current event sources that i listen to, announce that they to have a twitter account.  it is like an interactive news feed.  further, i have official heard of some good that twitter served.  with the recent policy changes, the twitter-verse started chatting up a storm to the extent that corporate executives and publisher advocacy groups took notice and began making imediate corrections to the tag filtering, within 48 hours of implementing the new change.

other links

kde-4.1.87 for slackware-current

up on you’ll find the 4.1.87 packages, and you’ll need to also pick up the deps/soprano-2.1.64 package I have there.


google-gadgets update

a few posts ago i showed how to convert the SuSE *.rpm’s from the google-gadgets-for-linux project, into slackware packages.
well for a couple of their releases now, i’ve been maintaining a Slackware build script. you can browse it on my viewcvs or check it out on subversion

svn co svn://

have fun !

kde-4.1.85 and soon kde-4.1.87 for slackware-current/testing

hosted on i’ve put the latest build of kde-4.1.85 for slackware (if you on -current, have un-installed kde-3.5.10 and have installed kde4 from /testing).

just download the deps and the 4.1.85 directory, then

upgradepkg –install-new */*.tgz

i had done this version a little bit ago and had forgotten to blog it, i also realize that 4.1.87 came out on Jan 01, i will publish it shortly.

bipartisan integration !!

so i have been frustrated for some time that OSX 10.5 does not play well with standard linux nfs mounts. this is quite disheartening since that’s the back bone of the infrastructure.

but today! on a whim i googled for ‘sshfs osx’ and bam!

it did require a reboot, but the mounting is done as user, and is as easy as

mac:~ vbatts$ mkdir ~/storage
mac:~ vbatts$ /Applications/sshfs/bin/mount_sshfs -L vbatts@media: ~/storage

the ‘-L’ follows symlinks, which is helpful for my setup



google-desktop for slackware

using a script that i’ve churned up, and the rpm download. it makes for a good and simple conversion of the Google Desktop rpm to a slackware package.



rubygems build script for slackware-12.1


for the rubygems version 1.3.0