Candle in the Darkness

A simple candle-flame meditation:

Light a candle in a darkened room.
Move about two feet away from it and sit down, facing the candle flame.
Get comfortable.
Then begin breathing in and out quietly through your nostrils.
Let your body relax. Let your breath relax.
Just concentrate on the candle flame.
Watch it for several minutes.
Don’t think about anything in particular. Let your thoughts go; let them settle.
Watch the flame. Let your mind go into it.
Suddenly blow out the candle and close your eyes.
See the image that forms on the inside of your eyelids.
Meditate on that light.

Nice clip brought in the book Awakening to the Sacred – Lama Surya Das

New Old Stuff

I’ve found several old ideas that i had jotted down, from years past. figure as much to post them here periodically, maybe someone will enjoy stumbling upon them. so the first in these thoughts:


Who do you think you are?
your feeling of entitlement to your thoughts and ideas because you realize you exist.
the moment you breath and realize it.
you are burned and feel it, stop and think about it, what exactly are you feeling, and why does this vessel make you feel it like that.

yes, you are looking around you, and see and hear and smell.


due to my cheapness in many respects, i have stuck with for years. as many people could deduce, it is a freely availble deal through being so, many people can register whatever they want.
lately there were a sweep of Russian hackers and phishers doing mis-deeds. this has pretty well jammed up many things for my site (i.e., search engines dropping me, email servers bouncing me, and even my own firefox warns me against visiting my site 😉
officially, i’m rebranded as
i set up a mod_rewrite web forward to allow the search engines to re-index
after a while of that, i will remove all ties that i have to, in the meanwhile i will be attempting to update anything that links, to instead point it to {blog,webmail,music,ftp,www}

thanks all!

thank you Randy Pausch!

i recently watched a lecture of Randy Pausch, his last lecture, and followed up by looking into the Alice Project that he was a major part of. after a bit of playing with it, i have put together packaging scripts for slackware for it, Available here, and you can just download the slackpkg of it here. (notice alice is dependent on jre-1.5, which i have available for download as well)

cheers, and i’m glad there are great people out there in the world


while searching for something else, i stumbled upon Litte People
an artist’s blog, i enjoyed it immensely.


motion moving,
everything is streaming, flowing
it itching to find its natural pattern.
the rhythym that life intended it to take.
refuge to the mountains, they know.
they’ve been there,

its the same on the inside that its is on the outside,
just the noise in between the two,
will distract you enough to believe that that is all there is

School Life

I’m pretty well taking forever to complete my college degree, but this go round has good rhythm. and at this pass, it should bea good means to an end. the material can be or is interesting, and to an extent I am enjoying it.

the Intermediate Accounting course, with Dr. Nell Adkins, is quite enjoyable. While
I initially quietly disputed that she doesn’t allow computers or really anything except for a pen and paper, but i’ve come to enjoy it, as a new refreshment. So far it has been just the hardcore numbers, and it makes sense, more sense than the AC201 course that i had taken with Edmonds.

the AC304 course, Accounting Information Systems, i guess this course is a ‘needed’ course. But really, this course could use some major revamping. or at least the instructor seems like he needs to be let out of his box, so he can broaden his awareness and refresh his concepts. Namely, because half of this course is to be instructed on the use of Microsoft Great Plains Dynamics accounting software, i have as much problems as i did with the early Information Systems course i was required to take, that was nothing more than the usage of Microsoft Office. This is corporate propoganda, these instructors teach as if there is nothing else out there.
Even tonight, Dr. Tsai, tried to use an equation, that I see is quite false.
(Price of software package) = ( total cost of labor) / ( potential volume of sales)
using Microsoft Windows Vista as the example, saying that every new computer will come with an OEM version of Vista, and therefore you will pay “almost nothing” for this highly developed piece of software. At which point i had to interject, “it isn’t almost nothing, it is over $100″. With the OEM arguement, Windows could be sold for $10 a license and Microsoft would still make a profit, but at $100-$200+ is why more millionaires have come from Microsoft’s employement base than any other company, and Bill Gates has been in the top 2 for wealth for ten years strong.
ergg i wish someone who professes this material spoke like they haven’t been fed, with benefits, by some large corporation.

more later


Personal Experiences

Last weekend, my wife and took the nice occasion to have a babysitter come, so that we could have a date night. This was dually special, not only for a little alone time, but also because the movie Across the Universe had just been released. For the record, regardless of the stupid reviews, this movie is super.
The story is entirely nice and simple, believable, and real. Also this movie is a musical, as well it should be.
It is a perfect synthesis and application of energy in the Beatles songs that soundtrack it. Almost as if the egg came before the chicken, they made the music of the soundtrack, long before it was utilized this way.

i walked away from the theatre not necessarily thinking of what a great story, but about all the moments i can remember those songs settling with me, in my life. To exadurate  this point further, as we were walking out of the theatre, there was a group of high school kids that had exited the same movie with us, and they essentially bickering over who was the bigger Beatles fan. On first hear, i thought they sounded trivial and stupid, but after letting their emotions run in me for a second, it made me appreciate the Beatles that much more. My Parents have had, and still have experiences with the same music that i have made memories with, and so on.

there were three separate instances in the movie when i cried or teared up,

1st was primarily for sadness and partially for beauty (when the young black boy was obviously killed and the church choir was singing)

2nd was for beauty (when they were laying in the star formation singing “Because the sky is high”)

3rd was for love ( the rooftop concert reunion)

this has been a movie worth it to go to the theatre to see and one that i intend on purchasing the DVD to have in my collection.

Cool Toys

So this blog is coming to you from a Nokia n770 internet tablet. l’m test driving it to see if it’s something l would spend my money on. The keyboard takes a little getting used to, but l can look past that. So far l reflashed it with the 2OO7 hacker edition so it has the feel of the new N8OO model. Nokia has used the Debian package manager, and there’s plenty of good repositories for open source apps, and they’ve made the GUl package tool easy to add repos add/remove apps. Because of this, l’ve now got vnc, terminal, ssh, this wordpress blogging app and a significant textpad. But i’ve got to run now, i’ll post more later.

Prague and Vienna Pictures

a good friend of mine, from Minsk, Belarus, just uploaded recent pictures of a trip of his to Prague and Vienna.
right now they are here