MonthNovember 2008

bipartisan integration !!

so i have been frustrated for some time that OSX 10.5 does not play well with standard linux nfs mounts. this is quite disheartening since that’s the back bone of the infrastructure.

but today! on a whim i googled for ‘sshfs osx’ and bam!

it did require a reboot, but the mounting is done as user, and is as easy as

mac:~ vbatts$ mkdir ~/storage
mac:~ vbatts$ /Applications/sshfs/bin/mount_sshfs -L vbatts@media: ~/storage

the ‘-L’ follows symlinks, which is helpful for my setup



broadcom on slackware-12.1

so i’ve heard from numerous people complain about the difficulty of broadcom wireless cards on linux, and i agree, it was not anything straigtforward.

After finding b43 info on i took there pasted info on

0c:00.0 Network controller: Broadcom Corporation BCM4312 802.11a/b/g (rev 01)

and pasted it to a simple shell script

tar xjf b43-fwcutter-011.tar.bz2
cd b43-fwcutter-011
cd ..
export FIRMWARE_INSTALL_DIR=”/lib/firmware”
tar xjf broadcom-wl-
cd broadcom-wl-
sudo ../../b43-fwcutter-011/b43-fwcutter -w “$FIRMWARE_INSTALL_DIR” wl_apsta.o

while that was going on, i built the latestwicd in the 12.1 repo, you can go here

after adding /etc/rc.d/rc.wicd to rc.local to start on boot, i rebooted, and magically networks are discoverd and availble to connect to !
i’m only on a WEP network right now, so maybe i’ll have some issues when i need wpa, but for now, we’re gravy.