MonthOctober 2008

googe gadgets for linux (and slackware:)

there is always a couple of ways to do things. for the google gadgets for you desktop, it is its own seperate application. while for windows and mac, they have packaged it all together.while for linux there has been a seperate, not so publicized project for support.

so two ways of going about this for slackware, Build It or repackage it. the SlackBuild in my pub/src/ is a perfectly viable solution if you have all the build dependencies. Otherwise, just like my last post you can get their RPMS and use my repackaging script, to include all their installation scripts.

google-gadgets-qt-0.10.1-5.1.i586.rpm and the corresponding slackpkg google-gadgets-qt-0.10.1-i586-5.1.tgz

google-gadgets-0.10.1-5.1.i586.rpm and the corresponding slackpkg google-gadgets-0.10.1-i586-5.1.tgz


google-desktop for slackware

using a script that i’ve churned up, and the rpm download. it makes for a good and simple conversion of the Google Desktop rpm to a slackware package.



Twitter, from CLI !!

so i have been using the vim plugin, to send updates from a vim session, be it from command line or from gvim.
but it doesn’t have the capability to view friends timeline or replies. SO, tonight i got to playing with it, and published on [SVN] and [HTTP]. you’ll need to update the USER_PASS variable, and possibly the *SOURCE variable for the Updates command. you can get the RSS URL for you friend timeline from the bottom of your twitter home page.
further, this script uses lynx and xmlstarlet. ( lynx is standard in slackware and xmlstarlet is available on


New Old Stuff

I’ve found several old ideas that i had jotted down, from years past. figure as much to post them here periodically, maybe someone will enjoy stumbling upon them. so the first in these thoughts:


Who do you think you are?
your feeling of entitlement to your thoughts and ideas because you realize you exist.
the moment you breath and realize it.
you are burned and feel it, stop and think about it, what exactly are you feeling, and why does this vessel make you feel it like that.

yes, you are looking around you, and see and hear and smell.

rubygems build script for slackware-12.1


for the rubygems version 1.3.0