MonthJuly 2008

KDE4 RC1 on slackware-12.1 / -current (4.0.98)

a quick thump that is now hosting the SlackBuild source for kde4-4.0.98

the slack packages are hosted onΒ

the screen shots are a default view, and then my desktop.kde-4098.pngvbatts_desktop.pngvbatts_desktop1.png


more flocking

so after tinkering with the tar.gz downloaded from , i figured i would make it managable, so i just finished working out a couple of build scripts for slackware-{12.1,-current}, you can find the script source on , but the finished slackpkgs are available on

as you might deduce, there are two versions, the flock-1.2.3 is their current stable, and the flock2-2.0b1 is their very recent beta 1 release, with the firefox3 backend. currently the flock2 is the version i’m using πŸ˜‰


social-lite junkies

for all of you that can’t get enough of knowing way to much about everyone else’s business, things just got easier and sexier πŸ˜‰
its a web browser, backended with firefox/mozilla, but they’ve incorporated many of the everyday social aspects of the web, and made it easy too.
their current stable is still on firefox2, but i read that the beta2 is backended with firefox3, which should make it that much better. anyhow, check it out  

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