MonthMarch 2008

blackberry modem… SUCCESS!

Last night i got to nerding it up again, this time with the 8703e blackberry, work phone, and linux.

Using this howto. My blackberry service is through Sprint, so my primary difficulty was with get the pppd settings to work, not until i began scrolling through some of the comments that i found someone using wvdial instead. once i tried it, that worked on the first try. i found on the BlackBerry website, they actually recommend that you can call your service provide and ask what APN can be used. from this howto, the APN is the “”. either way should achieve the same end result.

the openmotif and openmotif-devel i was able to find in a typical SuSE-10.2 repository, but the Xlt libraries and the XmBlackBerry i had to download and compile from source, which was pretty straight forward.

if you are a slacker, i’ve made the SlackBuild scripts for these three packages, currently they are available here (xlt, openmotif, and xmblackberry)



skype-2.0.0 for linux, Now has video!


i was in class and opening skype to see if i could find someone in Japan to talk to, and i figured i would see if there is a newer version of skype available, indeed there was.

but the jump from 1.4.0 -> 2.0.0, is the addition of video to linux, this is great, really great. now i have to dig out my webcam so i can get it working. 😉

Skype for Linux

skype options

kde-4.0.66 co-existing on Slack-12.0

while this isn’t much of a “blog” post, as it is just to say, that i’ve just finished compiling the pre-kde-4.1, kde-4.0.66 and qt-4.4.0-beta1 on slackware-12.0
it is still as sexy looking, but there have been a number of little tweaks, some subtle enough that i’m not even noticing them, except for that the desktop is smoother for everyday usage. BUT the primary fix i see, was my biggest errg with 4.0.0, and that is ‘panel settings’. that huge panel was no good, and i needed to change it, now i can 😉

if you want to compile it yourself, you can get the build scripts that i’ve hacked on
i got the QT source from Trolltech, at
and the KDE source you can find at may different mirrors, i got mine from

Screenshot 😉