MonthSeptember 2007

Prague and Vienna Pictures

a good friend of mine, from Minsk, Belarus, just uploaded recent pictures of a trip of his to Prague and Vienna.
right now they are here


one of my bosses likes to stay keen of new services that could enable our linux based company, and platform independent collaboration has been a weak spot for Linux’s .
he, himself a windows user, broadcasts this service called Yugma that could support Windows, Mac and Linux.
jumping in, this product is quite slick, an all java app. it “installs” itself in a Yugma folder in you home folder.

for the ‘premium’ usage is at a cost, but you can preview what all it has to offer for free as a trial period.

it has file sharing, personal and public chat, as well as phone dial-in for hosting the audio side.

the biggest advertisment of this service is the ability to share your desktop and even to allow others to control your desktop. and no sooner do i launch this application that it offers to share my desktop, then eclaims linux support. if this isn’t sad enough, they are heavy publisizing that they are integrating with Skype, for easier audio conferencing and collaboration. this new Skype Yugma Edition is a windows only edition. they have posted that Linux edition is “Coming Soon”, while Skype has been increasingly disappointing ever since they were aquired by eBay, they have left there Linux support behind, and primarily focused on enhancing the Windows functionality.
this is all primarily disappointing in a capitalistic sense, the dev API’s are they and many of these services are likely facilitated by linux platforms, but since the majority of end users are not linux, further, the majority that is more of the consumer mindset instead of the innovative type, is not running linux. therefore the offer enough of a ‘linux solution’ to put Tux on their site, but not enough support to have a functioning service across the board.