Ugh, CNAME failure. On my part.

Today, I found that this blog was not accessible. Turns out the problem was a wildcard CNAME to a CDN that didn’t know what to do with it.
When I was setting up a CDN trial for with, I set up a wildcard CNAME to their global dns name, and only configured my service with them to handle the root name. Sadly that means various requests were getting 500 errors. Perhaps i should make a better watchdog for myself.

Anyways, sorry for the disappearance.


Every Step

Here is a neat find. A blog post draft from November 2010:

Seeing as how life is constantly in a state of change, and relevant to the occasion, it seems fit to mark the thought as “Every step”.

Just this past weekend I was quite fortunate to be a part of the Alabama Symphony Orchestra’s performance of Mozart’s Requiem. It is an incredibly inspired piece of life and death, as we moved through this plane of existence and pleading for mercy, breaking down to a most intimate request for salvation. The music itself is moving enough to bring a 4 year old to tears, and the presence of live music is even more chilling. Even local bloggers found this to be the case. After leaving on the show on Saturday night, a dear friend was reflecting on how experiencing the Requiem again threw him back into a memory of a friendship, discovery of the beauty of music, the adventure of life and his future with the love of his life, and within the month his life was lost in a tragic accident. Every step counted. No one step was independent of the other, and all have made a difference to where we all are today.

Thich Nhat Hanh emphasizes this to the point of writing a book regarding the importance of living a path that has peace (Peace is Every Step). Our awareness to ourselves and others makes a difference everyday. It is necessary to recognize the interdependence every action and make a positive

Even the Church the LDS has equally set the importance of every step making the difference in our every day lives. Citing many of the historical situations where the must be peace and faith, like the notable winter trek from Nauvoo to the west. It is a chilling story of courage and faith that seldom rivaled. Those who have records of encountering this journey were left with the non complaining faith and peace that all is well and be it good or bad, that this too will pass.

One of these section headings “This is the Right Place” tells truth not only in location, but in spirit. In Buddhist writings, the place where there is no more suffering (nirvana) is in fact the same place as the sea of endless suffering (samsara), its is all a matter of perspective. This perspective must be maintained in every moment. You are in the right place for a positive change and action, it is up to us to ensure that Every Step is made with the right actions and right effort.


ruby 1.9.3 is released, and slackware packages are here

Ruby 1.9.3 is *finally* released. Their NEWS and ChangeLog are available.

And I have packages built for slackware-current and slackware64-current here:

ruby-1.9.3_p0-i486-1_vb.txz [MD5] [ASC]

ruby-1.9.3_p0-x86_64-1_vb.txz [MD5] [ASC]

Again, these are built on the -current development branch, so use at your own risk. :)

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Apologies for the last 30 hours of outage. The host for the virtual private server had an outage and had a hard shutoff. This seemed to cause a little havoc on services, but it all appears to be cleared up now.